NOTew York City announced Monday that all teachers and staff in public schools will need to be vaccinated.

Mayor Bill de Blasio announced the tenure on Monday, saying the new terms would apply to all staff in New York City public schools. The first day of school in New York City is September 13, and all school staff are now required to show proof of vaccination by September 27.

“Schools last year, for all that was thrown at us, were the safest place in New York City,” de Blasio said at the press conference. “It was amazing, a great effort. Everyone worked together. We have had extremely low levels of COVID in our schools, and we want to capitalize on that success.”


“Today we are announcing that ALL teachers and staff at New York School should be vaccinated against # COVID-19[FEMALE[FEMININE this school year “, the mayor tweeted Monday on the occasion of the press conference.

The mayor previously said on a radio maintenance with WNYC on August 20 that a mandate to vaccinate school staff in the city was under consideration.

The mayor said his decision was made after considering the danger of the delta variant, which is more transmissible than previous strains of COVID-19. The mayor went on to add that the mandate was to ensure that school environments will be safe for students and staff.

It is still unclear what penalties staff members can expect if they do not prove they were vaccinated on time.


COVID-19[female[feminine still poses a threat to the state of new York on average, 4,570 residents test positive for the virus daily, according to The data compiled by The New York Times. The same data shows an average of 20.6 deaths per day statewide from the disease.

Currently, nearly 64% of New York City residents have received at least their first dose of vaccine, with about 57% fully vaccinated.

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